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The SattaKingGl Story

Satta King GL is a website where we display the satta king game results. We have formatted results chart on our website which might help you in prediction of Satta Number. We update the fastest results on our websites and have dedicated teams for updating the result.

Our team is connected to Game Company and they update us with the results live. Results on our website is also directly updated by Satta Company team.However we are not connected with them or have any kind of partnership related to any games played. We only share results on our website to make it easier for people to know the lottery number live as soon as possible.

Also, the numbers and details of person / company share on our website is all sponsored and we do not have any guarantee of them being trusted. We are not liable for any fraud or any damages done. We also warn you that Satta King Game or having connection to it may be illegal in your State or Country and could be banned. We respect laws & rules of every countries and follow them. Everyone is bounded by law, hence if you do not agree with our disclaimer and terms please stop visiting our website.